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The truth

I always say expect good things, use your energy to believe, be happy, you’re beautiful, you’re loved, bla bla bla. The truth is, we will not always feel like it. Sometimes you feel that God is taking too long or you wonder if he heard you in the first place. You get hurt, have someContinue reading “The truth”

What worked💯 and what didn’t🤷. What we did🙂 and what we didn’t🙃.

Happy new year guys🥳🥂💃. We have another year to make a difference, start all over again and make things right. This is another opportunity to believe in yourself and take that baby step. You have another opportunity to get closer to God and be what he’s called you to be. Another opportunity to let goContinue reading “What worked💯 and what didn’t🤷. What we did🙂 and what we didn’t🙃.”

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